CNPC and BP China discuss tight oil exploitation

Zhang Xiangning, vice general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Paul Carragher, exploitation manager of BP China, visited the Xinjiang Oilfield Company on Oct 16.

Tight oil is a kind of non-conventional oil, and is more difficult to exploit.

The Engineer Technology Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company briefed the guests on the development of tight oil exploitation in Jimusar county in Xinjiang. So far, The oilfield has generated 16,000 cubic meters of oil since 2012.

Carragher thought there is still room for technological breakthroughs in the exploitation and development technology after analysis of Jimusar's tight oil exploitation statistics.

"This technical exchange broadened my horizon and was very helpful for us in acquiring effective technology and management expertise regarding tight oil," said Liu Minggao, deputy general manager of the Xinjiang Oilfield Company.

Liu went on to say that because the company is rich in tight oil exploring applicable technology is significant for its development.

He noted that the Karamay oilfield is expected to increase its crude oil output through more effective technology for tight oil exploitation.

                                                                              Source: China Daily